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The new conversation on the journalism of rape

We talk about rape. But do we talk enough about how rape is reported?

NewsTracker is a community of young bloggers who have come together to write about the representation of rape and sexual violence in the Indian news media.

We believe news journalists have a crucial role to play in combatting sexual violence. They can question stereotypes; influence attitudes, beliefs; help us rethink the way we read, we write, we think about rape and solutions for rape.

There are thousands of conversations about rape today. But not many on how rape is reported.

NewsTracker exists in this vacuum — as the start of a new conversation on the journalism of rape.

For us bloggers (and we hope our community will soon grow), it is a hands-on media literacy programme, an opportunity to immerse ourselves in news of an issue of utmost significance, to read it against the grain.

For our readers (media students, journalists, educators, those interested in issues of media representation), NewsTracker hopes to be a useful online resource of information, thoughts, questions.

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